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Кантрольная работа па англійскай мове



Для студэнтав 1 курса, якія навучаюцца па спецыяльнасці



1. Перапішыце прапановы, вызначыце функцыю заканчэння - s , перавядзіце прапановы на роднай мова:

1. Luria's 300 scientific works have been translated into English. p> 2. Psychology as a science studies mental activity and human behaviour.

3. Psychologists mostly agree that hereditary factors explain the lion's share of IQ differences.

4. Some people have good memories, and can learn easily long poem by heart.

5. The preschooler's task is to develop initiative.

2. Перапішыце прапановы, ужываючы займеннік у патрэбнай форме. Перакладзіце прапановы на родную мову:

1. What colour is the shirt? I do not see _____ (it) colour. p> 2. He is a friend of ________ (we).

3. Give _______ (They) to ________ (she). p> 4. The newcomers built the houses ________ (they).

5. Why are ________ (you) sitting here?

3. Перапішыце прапановы. Перакладзіце прапановы, звяртаючы ввагу на ступені паравнання прыметнікав:

1. Our University is the finest country's educational establishment. p> 2. More and more patients came to see Freud.

3. Patients reported feeling "better than well".

4. The more interesting the book is, the faster you read it.

5. I earn as much money as he does.

4. Перапішыце прапановы, вызначце в кожным з іх

трывальна-часавых форм выказніка. Пісьмова перавядзіце прапановы на родную мову.

1. He applies the new method for his investigation.

2. The students are watching the animals 'behaviour at the moment.

3. The scientist obtained interesting data.

4. We have not analyzed the results of his last experiment yet.

5. What were you doing in the laboratory when the instructor came?

5. Перапішыце і пісьмова перавядзіце тэкст:

Ernst Weber

Ernst Weber was born in Wittemberg, Germany, the third of 13 children. He received his doctorate from the University of Leipzig in 1815, in phycology. He began teaching there after graduation, and continued until he retired in 1871.

His research focused on the senses of touch and kinesthesia. He was the first to show the existence of kinesthesia, and showed that touch was a complex sense composed of senses for pressure, temperature and pain.

His chosen interests led him to certain techniques: first, there is the two-point threshold which is a matter of measuring the smallest distance noticeable to touch at various parts of the body. For example, the tongue had the smallest threshold (1 mm), and...

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